Concert Review: Night Drive Album Release Show


Ever wish you had a time machine to go back to the 80s to see some gnarly synth pop group? Well no need to worry, Night Drive can provide you with those nostalgic feels.

The local synth pop duo released their debut self-titled LP, and celebrated with an album release show at The Secret Group. They celebrated their release with producer Yunginternet and fellow Houstonians MNYNMS. Both openers played grooves that had the crowd dancing around.

The highlight of the night was Night Drive’s awaited performance. It was the first time they played with a drummer, which enhanced their performance significantly. It added a little bit of punchiness and aggression and contributed to the already dark atmosphere the band’s music provides.

This show just provided a taste of what is in store for Night Drive’s future. They are going to make synth pop great again. You can check out their new album here.


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