The Garaj is a platform that explores modern and primarily Houston-based music through a variety of means. Founded by Rajiv Radia, a Houstonian with a passion for his local scene and beyond, the groundwork for the Garaj was laid during his time as a radio host on Coog Radio, the University of Houston’s student-run radio station, where he discovered his passion for music. Rather than make music himself, having been a musician for a number of years, he chose a different approach to exploring the multifaceted nature of music as a piece of art. One of the principal ways of doing so was spending time with the artists themselves, discussing an array of topics ranging from the process of writing music and their musical influences to everyday occurrences and social issues that shape who they are as people. The main objective of the Garaj, as it’s always been since it took place in the actual garage of Raj’s childhood home growing up, is to explore music beyond it’s potential as a means of entertainment, and more so as a part of life.