Concert Review: Nails at White Oak Music Hall #makecirclepitsgreatagain


Nails. If you listen to any sort of heavy music, you need to listen to them now. They are one of the most disgusting metal bands around right now. The band combines elements of thrash, death metal and hardcore and blend in into the primal rage that is their music. This past Friday, they decided to stop in Houston for the first time in three years.

The previous show, hands down, was one of the craziest shows I had been to. The show featured Code Orange and Twitching Tongues (those two bands should speak for themselves). Trashcans were thrown, fists we’re flying, and it was nothing but pure chaos. It was one of the most beautiful things I had seen.

The show Friday was the complete opposite. It wasn’t the bands fault, they did an amazing job, but it was the crowd’s fault. I never understood this, but Houston hardcore crowds have never been receptive to fast-paced music. I think it is because there is a strong bias against “circle pits.” If you don’t know what a circle pit is, it is when the people in the mosh pit start running around in a giant circle to the pace of the music.

If you go to any popular metal show, you are more than likely to see one. For some reason, the underground scene has always frowned upon it, which sucks for bands like Nails. No matter how many times Todd Jones, vocalist of Nails, demanded one, we couldn’t produce it. It was honestly a sad sight. As I mentioned, this isn’t the first time this has happened, and I will never understand why Houston has such hatred towards circle pits.

One thing that is very common in underground music scenes is group mentality. If small groups of people start something, others will follow. At some point in time, Houston hardcore stopped giving into circle pits, and people followed. In the same regard, I believe if more people caved in on Friday, myself included, the crowd would’ve followed.

In my opinion, if the band wants a circle pit, GIVE THEM A CIRCLE PIT. If the band wants you to two-step, two-step your heart out. Don’t let the judgement of people around you affect your connection to the music. If you need to be the ringleader to get everyone off their feet, JUST DO IT (I deeply apologize for using this outdated meme).

TL;DR: Nails rules. The crowd sucked. #makecirclepitsgreatagain

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